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Our APIs


The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) manages TexMesonet. This includes the installation and maintenance of weather stations throughout the state. These weather stations are continuously recording data that is then stored in the cloud and displayed on the TexMesonet Map Viewer.

Retrieve data using the following API string codes:


GET api/Stations

Name and location for all TWDB stations.

GET api/CurrentData

Most recent data from each of the TWDB stations.

GET api/AllChartingFieldsById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of all fields used for charting by Site ID.

GET api/TemperatureById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of temperature values from a specific station.

GET api/HumidityById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of humidity values from a specific station.

GET api/BarometricPressureById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of barometric pressure values from a specific station.

GET api/PrecipById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of precipitation values from a specific station.

GET api/WindSpeedById/{SiteId}/{PriorMinutes}

Time series of wind speed values from a specific station.