Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mesonet?

A mesonet is a network of weather stations with close enough proximity to observe and track mesoscale weather events, such as fronts, thunderstorms, and precipitation bands. Mesonet systems typically collect data on atmospheric conditions, solar energy, soil moisture, and soil temperature. Mesonet data is used for weather forecasting, alternative energy development, agriculture, and for fire, flood, and freeze warnings, among other applications.

How many stations are currently in the TexMesonet?

Currently, there are 3930 stations displayed in the TexMesonet viewer.

How many stations are designed, built, and maintained by the Texas Water Development Board?

There are currently 107 TWDB-maintained stations with ongoing expansion.

When did the Texmesonet start?

May 2016.

What measurements are collected by stations within the network?

All TWDB stations measure rainfall, temperature, soil moisture, and soil temperature. Some stations also monitor atmospheric pressure, wind speed and directions, gusts, relative humidity, and solar radiation. Other provider network stations may or may not contain all sensors.

Who provides the data from the stations that are not owned and maintained by the Texas Water Development Board?

TWDB utilizes stations maintained by the National Weather Service and has partnered with a number of other regional and local entities. The complete list of partner networks is available here.

How often are the measurements updated on the website?

The site is updated every 5 minutes. The update schedules for each station, however, vary. We are actively working to increase the frequency of station updates to every 5 minutes. Stay tuned for this update.

How do I download data?

Users can create and download custom data sets from the Custom Downloads page. Near real time data can also be accessed through the TexMesonet Viewer by clicking on an individual station and accessing the “Graphs” tab. Click “Download Historical Data” to be redirected to do so.

How far back does collected data go?

It depends on the station. TWDB Stations were first brought online in 2016. The period of record is different for each station and new stations are continually added.

How do I request a custom data download?

Visit the Custom Downloads page to build and download custom data sets. If the data cannot be obtained from there, contact the TWDB at 512-936-0871 or for assistance

Who should I contact if I have a comment or question about this website?

Contact the team at or 512-936-0871.